roomer hacker

  • heandel

    Fun and fight (Winter event)
    his ping is ok (40) no lag ; he teleport + multishoot with sniper and rocket .

  • misterSD

    I don't see enough things on your video.... next time spectate him for at least 30 seconds please!

    At least, Ckaptain61 has recorded a good video, so I am based on Ckaptain's video to punish and not your.

    After watching Ckaptain's video, I decided to permaban this user from all fun and fight servers.

    Edit: I have saw that the server's anticheat kicked him several times yesterday for "cloak hack" before players report him.

  • heandel

    I know that my video does not do much. I missed the opportunity to record it before 2 or 3 min. he had a multihack : teleportation, successive shots with DSG, rocket. the only thing he didn't do was "mass kills" and he told me he was testing something .. I thought he was an admin but after a few moments I noticed that I was wrong.

  • SashsBrest

    Mister, you did not see the speed hack on this video? hacker 2 time use it here)