• Black

    Sometimes when i am not even playing i check the site just to see how many people playing and i see about 30 like everyday its awesome. So i suggest we do like the old times where we all agree to hit one server. I prefer refinery map cuz its not vaste like mesa. That would be so much better than scattering across 3 servers

  • misterSD

    Ask it to server's admins like DonAntonyX, Smersh, Sashs, Tsunami and other that prefer stay h24 on their server, even if other servers have players.

    Also: even with 3 servers with players, it is still possible to get a 32/32 server (it happened 2 days in row)

    Also: if more players join the multiplayer, then it won't be much a problem if players are split into different servers.

  • TunSalat

    At the moment it seems to work fine by itself. Mixed
    People join the servers they like, and plenty of people play.
    Well that's how it's been lately, with so many players.

    Also, some players can only enter certain servers