Modifying XMLs

  • Stefan

    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to modify some .XML files so that some weapons make more or less damage to specific vehicles. It's been long time since I've done this, and I completely forgot how to do it. Any help is appreciated :)

    In D:\Origin Games\Crysis\Mods\SafeWriting\Game\SafeWriting.pak and SafeWriting.pak\Scripts\Entities\Items\XML\Weapons\Multiplayer\LAW.xml I've changed its damage to 200. However, that is for some vehicles too high, and for some too low, as it's an overall setting.

    What I want is to increase damage multiplier only for tanks for example, so it takes 3 hits for it to be destroyed. The other thing I want changed is damage multiplier for gauss bullet hits to VTOLs to be the same - 3 hits.

    Which XMLs exactly do I need to modify, where do I find them, and where do I put them in the end, so everything works as I imagined?

  • Forsaken

    That's probably something that should be handled with LUA.

    Something along these lines I guess... That way your hit damage is multiplied by 0.8, or whatever you want.

    (note that this is from another mod and will need to be looked at if you're using safewriting, but hopefully this will give you an idea of what I'm talking about)

    if (vehicle.class == "US_vtol" and shooter and hitType == "law_rocket") then
    		hit.damage = hit.damage * 0.8;

    The upside to this would be leaving the XML intact so you don't have to exclude it from the anticheat file check.