Что это значит

  • RazoR

    Как это понимать?

    [SafeWriting] Player RazoR(1) connected (Volgograd34:53623, IP: censored#bda58bb3 - C++), profile: 0, client: SfwCl
    [SafeWriting] Skipped player check yet (RazoR, profile is 0, this is 1. time)
    [net 21:05:34.668] Disconnect Volgograd34:53623; profid=0; cause=5; msg='invalid RPC ID'
    [SafeWriting] Validation success for Nomad/<unknown>
    [SafeWriting] CheckPlayer: player client: sfwcl, profile: 1009669, gsprofile: nil

  • misterSD

    Please write in english...

  • RazoR

    what does it mean?
    Please help me.
    Other players cannot log into my server and kick me.

  • Zi;

    Settings.lua :

    AllowMessaging = false;
    IntegrityChecks = false;

  • RazoR

    Players still cannot join. Writes the timeout has expired. The server appears both on the local and on the Internet, but the site does not have it. What could be the reason? Do I need to edit Crynetwork.dll?
    If I change it, then quick32 refuses to start. Is there a finished crynetwork file?