Crysis Remastered - Official Gameplay Trailer Premiere

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  • Lukas

    So, did anyone buy it? How does it run? How it looks?


    I did. It looks fine, but "just" fine. I have GTX1070 so can't tell anything more. The biggest prior is remastered sound.
    However, they changed the gameplay. No more amazing movement like circle jump, strafe, etc. It's just wood like Call of Duty, but for Nintendo.
    You can't even run without speedmode, lol. I think about return the game, however can't decide. I've tried to run maps like Steelmill, Ascension from Crysis (2007) files, however it force closes the game. The good stuff is that console commands work (nearly all of them) and there is even TAC Gun available.
    So - good game for people who did not play in the Original one. I'm waiting for fan-made remaster right now: as well fan-made remake on CryEngine 5.6.

    I wonder if it's possible to bring CryMP to Crysis Remastered? Or optimize it for an incoming fan remaster? It would be very cool and may become more popular. Just image what we could get if CryMP developers joined to one of these projects... Fan-made multiplayer :-)

  • Zi;

    The biggest problem is, it uses Denuvo DRM, so it's really next to impossible to make any modifications to that game and possibly bring multiplayer in

  • ctaoistrach

    Who's doing fan-made remake on CryEngine 5.6?

  • TunSalat

    That would have been awesome ;)
    And easy for them to do I assume.
    Shiny graphics means very little..

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