If NO multiplayer in Crysis Remastered.

  • Koenigsegg

    Have you considered using the original Gamespy profile method instead of the validate script currently in use?

    Currently there are two not so known Gamespy master server emulator that I know of:

    (1) https://jedi95.com/files/crysis1.2.1_gamespy_patch.zip
    (2) openspy.net

    Both are using the Gamespy format for profiles and instead of 9 digit profiles they have 5.

    The reason I ask this is because if Crysis remastered is a fail and has no multiplayer, you will be in a position to step up and fill this void by providing
    a Crysis master server that supports Gamespy profile format.
    This will allow others who would like to host other ssm's like ssm Patriot, ssm Aegis, ssm AegisX and so on to do so.
    This would make your master server emulator more inclusive in the Crysis community and you will not have to deal with questions regarding the use of
    !validate for other ssm's.
    Yes, I know it would require some changes to your beloved ssm SafeWriting but this change would yield more players and substantial growth of Crymp.net long-term.
    Just a little something to consider.

    regards --

  • Zi;

    Well, you can actually use GameSpy style log-in even right now on CryMP, all you have to do is: don't use -mod sfwcl (so game doesn't directly skip directly into lobby), modify CryNetwork, change gamespy.com to m.crymp.net, use game as usual, use "crysis" as a password 😅 It will get you 800000+ profile ID that works with all old SSMs. Although most of other servers will probably kick you for using profile ID in that range anyways.

    But there are several reasons why !validate method is prefered:
    1. it's not vulnerable against spoofing (server can verify whether player is lying or telling truth)
    2. right now with static profile IDs, it's pretty convient not to log-in at all

    And first point is very important, because with old-style profile IDs there was no method to verify them and player could simply use trainer or hacks to alter his profile ID and pretend to be someone else.
    Anyways, no worries, if there really becomes urgent need for old style profile IDs, as you see, systems are already there.

  • Koenigsegg

    I think you missed my point. My main point in making this post is:

    This will allow others who would like to host other ssm's like ssm Patriot, ssm Aegis, ssm AegisX and so on to do so without hassling with !validate script.

  • Player452

    No i dount wont to Play crysisremastered multiplayer !
    U cnow wie ??
    Der is no Multiplayer !!!😢
    I cnow that

  • TunSalat

    The troll is back with new name ;)

  • jedi95

    Hello all, I am the creator the Gamespy patch linked above on jedi95.com.

    Zi is correct about the limitations of profile IDs. Using a generic Gamespy emulator (like openspy) means a server has no way to securely validate player identities. Admin or moderator authentication should not rely only on profile id unless spoofing can be eliminated as a problem.

    The Gamespy emulator I use is not based on openspy. It was specifically created for Crysis Wars. I added an API that servers can use to verify a player's profile ID is valid and not being spoofed. However, this requires additional code in the mod DLL to implement. (or a generic lua scriptbind for sending HTTP requests) For Crysis 1, it is probably better to just use the method above for the CryMP network.

    Side note:
    Thank you to @ccomrade for his work on the excellent c1-launcher project!

  • Koenigsegg

    18th Sept 2020

    regards -- lol