What do Crysis 1 MP players prefer over Crysis Wars?

  • roast_turkey

    Hi, I am a minor contributor to jedi95's SSM. I recently created the 'custom character' option for it, for example.

    I have long held the view (especially since GameSpy shutdown) that Crysis 1/Wars MP should be unified to minimise fragmentation of the community. I am personally a Wars player and have little experience with C1 MP. One of my recent additions to the mod was to enable C1 features and quirks in Wars, such as destroyable turrets and HQ's that can take more than one hit. This has been done before in other SSMs, of course. Then it occurred to me that it might be possible to accommodate some C1 players if this was extended to include other things that make C1 unique, or suppress some things in Wars that are disliked. That way a 'C1 Mode' could enabled on a server. However I wanted to hear from you guys what it is that sets C1 apart or perhaps whether this is even a good idea.


  • Lukas

    In Crysis 1 I prefer:
    - movement (in CW you can "sprint" while shooting which I've never really liked)
    - recoil (in CW is too low and I think it adds another problem, you can get easily killed by lower skilled player, in C1 lower skilled players have no chance, because recoil and aim is harder to master imho)
    - radar (I didn't play CW for a long time so I don't know if it is true, but I think you can sprint while scanning in CW, in C1 you can't and I think it's better because radar itself is already too powerful tool)

    In Crysis Wars I prefer:
    - cloak mode (it's just better and can be useful, in C1 cloak is absolutely useless)
    - no walljump and circle jump (I prefer no WJ because in C1 you can jump across the whole map and escape fights, etc. yes, this glitch takes some skill to master too but I think it ruins a game a little bit)
    - ghost bug (I don't remember if it's fixed in CW but if it is, then it's better)
    - hud marks of building on minimap :)

    Unfortunately main things like movement and recoil is what makes me like the Crysis 1 more. Idea is good but it's not going to happen like most good ideas, players won't adapt...

  • Comrade

    Hello, this is a good idea for sure. Merging C1 and CW into a single game with all the remaining active players would be awesome, but I think neither C1 players nor CW players want to leave their favorite game.

    Here are some advantages of CW:
    - Slightly newer engine. This is probably the biggest advantage of CW. Even though it's still the old messy CryEngine 2 with many flaws.
    - Slightly better in-game UI.
    - A few extra weapons and vehicles.
    - More maps.

    And now some disadvantages of CW:
    - No wall jump bug. This is no-go for me. I just can't play Crysis without wall jump, and that backported thing on CryServ is just a bad joke.
    - No circle jump bug. It actually works only on the unpatched version of C1 (5767 build), but I've finally managed to find the code that Crytek added to fix it, so we are going to revive this wonderful thing.
    - Boring gameplay. This is just my personal opinion, but I find CW gameplay quite boring for some reason. It looks like they tried to make it more beginner-friendly. For example, weapons do more damage, fists are quite useless, cloak is more powerful, etc.
    - C1 contains both singleplayer and multiplayer, while CW has only very similar multiplayer. Why do I need to get additional 6-7 gigabytes to play almost the same game without singleplayer? Also, CW is now officially dead because of the GameSpy shutdown, while C1 is still being sold on GOG and Steam (and also on Origin, but that's piece of trash). CW can only be obtained from the GOG version of Warhead, or by using that free "trial version".

    Unfortunately, the whole Crysis franchise is mainly about singleplayer, so using C1 makes more sense, because you get everything in a single package. That's why I think we should stay here on C1 and only add some useful CW features, but you want the opposite, right? As you can see, there's no easy solution. :)

  • Comrade

    Yes, the scroll wall jump can be really evil, but only few (maybe only one?) players have mastered it enough to become quite annoying with it. I prefer the basic right-click wall jump, which is completely safe.


    @Comrade, is there a chance to bring back Circle Jump bug to 1.21 version?

  • Comrade

    Yes, it's already done, but it's not released yet. It will be integrated in the new multiplayer client. Unfortunately, I don't have much time for Crysis these days, so no idea when we finish it. If you want to test circle jump on patched Crysis, contact me on Discord: Comrade#5265

  • Red

    I Agree from most things people said here.
    But my extras to why I prefer C1 MP over Wars is...
    -HQ doens't have HP anymore, so you just one shot it.
    -Tac launcher goes too much straight
    -Turrets are invencible.
    -And some weapons, etc were moved to other buildings or removed.
    Also some maps feel more artificial now, like HQ being moved in the far back of the base and ending up terraforming the cliff near.