Fun and fight (event) ban

  • Strykus

    Get banned for killing 1 player becasue i think he was a some hostile bot... I tell surry but i get banned on the server... What the heck???

  • misterSD

    <00:22:13> [Punishment] Warned Tostring.Number$9 against ChatFlooding by Server
    <00:22:13> [net 23:22:13.097] Disconnect censored#1ad2d7f:65041; profid=800014; cause=6; msg='limit 5 of ChatFlooding'
    <00:22:13> [Punishment] Banned Tostring.Number$9 for 60 minutes for limit 5 of ChatFlooding by Server

    Server auto-ban you for sending too many messages in less than 1 second (spam)
    So on your case, spamming !use ("f" key on event server), just use it safety when you see the message "no button/mechanisms near", because that mean a bind is active. You don't need to spam 999 times this command in 1 second to play.