New server - something_pro

  • Comrade

    I made a new server optimized for pro-gaming since there's no other 24/7 server like that. It's based on the general-purpose "something" server optimized for vanilla Crysis experience. It's hosted at the same place (Hetzner, Germany). Here's a list of changes and features:

    - up to 8 players
    - DX9 server with 60 tick-rate
    - no day-night cycle
    - no fall damage
    - default damage rates
    - default item prices
    - fast revive
    - only basic chat commands
    - cvar settings optimized for maximum FPS while still maintaining decent graphics (work in progress)

    Spawn equipment:
    FY71 with laser + silencer (replaced with DSG1 on dsg_1_aim)

    The following things are removed:
    All grenades including grenade launcher
    Mines (IA-only)
    Rocket launcher (IA-only)
    Gauss rifle
    Incendiary FY71 ammo
    VTOLs + helicopters (there are no maps with them anyway)
    TAC tank

    Map rotation:
    multiplayer/ia/steelmill    (30 minutes)
    multiplayer/ia/outpost      (30 minutes)
    multiplayer/ps/refinery_pro (300 minutes)
    multiplayer/ia/quarry       (30 minutes)
    multiplayer/ia/armada       (30 minutes)
    multiplayer/ps/plantation   (300 minutes)
    multiplayer/ia/poolday_v2   (30 minutes)
    multiplayer/ia/aimmapv2     (30 minutes)
    multiplayer/ia/dsg_1_aim    (30 minutes)

    Admins = {
        ["1"] = "Zi;";
        ["11"] = "Comrade";
        ["68"] = "ctaoistrach";
        ["150"] = "Aleksandr";
        ["18437"] = "Orange-Doctor";

    There are no moderators or premiums.

    If you have any suggestions or ideas, just say them here. :)

  • Comrade

    And also almost zero anticheat, which is shameful, but reliable Crysis anticheat is just a dream anyway. :D

  • Lycor

    CopyCat! Omg Cryingderion as Admin. bg

  • heandel

    gameplay on New server - something_pro

  • Comrade

    Well, your server is running only occasionally. This one runs 24/7. Also, pings are disabled on your server for some reason, which i really don't like. By the way, you can become an admin too. No problems with that. I just want to be sure that admins are one team and that nobody bans players for no reason. You can dislike each other as players, but as admins, there's no place for that. The same applies to Heandel. Any well-known poolday player can become an admin actually. You only have to avoid abusing admin power and respect the other admins.

  • Lycor

    Thanks but i do not want to be an admin on your server. Maybe Cheaternyb DelHean

  • Comrade

    Let's keep the admin list as it is for now. Finding some good admins in Crysis is a real challenge.

  • heandel

    Maybe Cheaternyb DelHean
    to calm down.. do you want us to talk about my cheats? ook
    I'm a hacker .. probably the biggest hacker in crysis and in the world .. ( wh + aimbot + no recoil + unlimit ammo + speed hack + no spread + masskill + unlimit health+ max accuracy + no relaod .. etc etc ) i use it all .. 😆 🤣
    against that you can do nothing and that's the only thing that matters

    secondly the idea of being an admin suffocates someone here .. i never had this idea but sincerely i will think from now on .. hehe

    truly , you make my day .. keep going 😁