problm autodownload maps

  • Sandy

    hi guys
    need help for my own server (Sandy server )
    i need to add maps ( personal map ) inside level rotation ===> autodownload not work ! ............FAIL

    do you have this problm yet ?? what can i need to add in level rotation and (or ) in setting.lua ?
    have you a solution and an exemple to help me ? ?
    need help ! pls

  • Comrade


    It depends on which SSM you use, but it's usually quite easy. Just add the map name (for example, "multiplayer/ps/something") together with its download link to some specific file. For SSM SafeWriting it's the Settings.lua file. The only problem is that direct HTTP link is required, otherwise the map downloader won't be able to fetch the map. That's the limitation of the map downloader. However, it's still far better than the map downloader in Crysis Wars. :)

    If you need some place to upload your maps, contact me on Discord and i'll upload them to my server and give you the download links. Most maps are there already.

  • Sandy

    Thank you COMRADE.
    i use SSM SafeWritting
    I have already tried to modify the seting.lua file at this location with a direct link but it did not work.
    I'm not sure if it's because of the structure of the ZIP file??
    for example:
    file structure ZIP = / multiplayer / ia /name-map (with all files inside )
    is this correct ?
    or different = (with only all files inside )

    or perhaps in the Level rotation file ?

    for exemple :
    <level name="multiplayer/ia/one" gamerules="InstantAction">
    <setting setting="net_mapdownloadurl"/>
    <setting setting="g_timelimit 20"/>
    <setting setting="g_fraglimit 30"/>

    i explain you what i do:
    in setting lua i add that for a map:

    serveur run the game and the level is loaded:
    i can play inside (with the same computer as server )
    but.......when somebody want to connect server from external location ( in the world ) : download fail .........

    this is my problm !

    if you can give me an exemple will be better

  • Comrade

    Map links in level rotation file work only in Crysis Wars.

    Here's a working example (Settings.lua):
    Maps = {
    	["multiplayer/ia/steelmill"]    = "";
    	["multiplayer/ia/outpost"]      = "";
    	["multiplayer/ps/refinery_pro"] = "";
    	["multiplayer/ia/quarry"]       = "";
    	["multiplayer/ia/armada"]       = "";
    	["multiplayer/ps/plantation"]   = "";
    	["multiplayer/ia/poolday_v2"]   = "";
    	["multiplayer/ia/aimmapv2"]     = "";
    	["multiplayer/ia/dsg_1_aim"]    = "";
    	["multiplayer/ia/hawaii"]       = "";

    Very good point about ZIP file structure. Here's an example of what each ZIP file must contain:

    All other directories are ignored by the map downloader for security reasons.

  • Sandy

    and so, if I understand correctly, I can't use maps with a structure like the old one on in Zip.
    I have to modify the inside of the ZIP:
    Levels/Multiplayer/IA /MapName.
    I understand that.
    I will try again and tell you if it works
    thank's a lot

  • Comrade

    You can also use links directly from here:

  • Sandy

    server run well the game .....
    but autodownload fail again
    i change in setting . lua

    ["multiplayer/ia/Airbus_A380"] = "http://censored#37d6c4a2:49150/safe/";

    --Versioning example:
    -- ["multiplayer/ia/pure"]="[2.1]http://censored#b2f9ac7d/";
    -- Tells that map version is 2.1, if client has not got version equals to this, it redownloads map for him.
    i change the ZIP structure as you said

    link for autodownload is good ( when the server is open ) other location in the world .......AUTODOWNLOAD not work....

    the maps list you send me:

    is this list a restricted list ?? we can't add more maps ??

    i try with the links and change level rotation and setting.lua
    SAME PROBLM.......

    something is wrong in my system....... but : what .......I D K

  • Comrade

    More maps can be added there. It's my server.

    Keep your Crysis server running please. With some custom map. I will check if it announces a valid download link.

  • Sandy

    ok Comrade
    my servers are running from 8AM to 8 PM (local hour FRANCE).
    i admin 2 other servers without problm for download .
    i try to made this new server in ( for the moment only in test before adding maps).
    you can found me in Discord : Sandy FR#3647

  • Sandy

    no way
    server have always the same problm
    i'm not sure we can use other maps ( personals maps ) inside server.......
    if somebody have a solution.......i will try..........