Installing patch 1.2 and 1.21

  • lebanque

    Hello guys,

    So I have just bought Crysis and Crysis Warhead on Steam with the purpose of returning to the game after 10 years. On your forum I read that it requires installation of patches 1.2 and 1.21 as well as a custom client. So I downloaded basic game (wont even start on steam due to problems wit CDkey, not a big loss), warhead and crysis wars (I was able to run them both). Also during cryMP client installation I targeted crysis wars directory (Im able to run it as well).
    Here is where the fun beggins: when I try to install patch 1.2 I get smacked with an "error 1642", patch 1.21 won't lauch even that, only some gibberish about a missing programm. I tried to google for some help but all the threads are out of date. Could someone please help me; really want to enjoy some PowerStruggle. Thanks a lot in advance!

  • lebanque

    *Trying to launch it on Win10 x64

  • heandel

    the CryMP client works only and exclusively with " crysis 1" .. ( it does not work with crysiswar .)
    so follow thse steps

    1. Install a legal copy of the game.
    2. Download and install the official patch 1.2. You can download it here or search for yourself:
    3. Download and install the official hotfix 1.2.1. You can download it here or search for yourself:
    4. Download and install the CryMP client. You can download it here:
    5. Enjoy the Crysis multiplayer.

  • Comrade

    Crysis from Steam/GOG/Origin is already patched to the latest version. To bypass that stupid CD-key error on Steam, simply install the multiplayer client or use the c1-launcher exes.