New Hackers detected :)

  • O_Doyle

    there was a lan party (maybe 10 players) in Something_Pro server, and i really doubt in some of them, they act weirdly, and some of them... it's impossible to surprise them, it was like "auto-detect" player or maybe aumbot .. i am not sure. and then after they leaving, in the next map, the "Dot" Player showed up from no where, with ping 57-58 in Something_Pro server... everytime i face him, i'd be dead! no matter what, he was killing me in like 1 sec (long or short distance), after i doubted him, i started recording... i have the video which i'm going to post it here... besides, there was also another player called "Terminator" ping 310-320... and i think it was an aimbot, he always know my position, and his actions are very weird... and one of his weird actions : he was shooting at one from long distance, and then i went close him, and he became shoting into 2 directions! (this appears in video but unfortunately not too much because he left after), i am so sure about these 2 players, so please if anyone can find out their id or their ip, so they can be permabanned :

  • O_Doyle

    Heandel again cheating and insulting ! Can anyone deal with him?. check the video :

  • Lycor

    Cheater calling others cheater. Each of you should be permabanned on every server for eternity.

  • HoneY^

    Well HeanDeL was a cheater long time ago, he uses no recoil it's easy to see that for old players and it can be noticed by new players as well.
    On that video he was using hacks for sure, this must be punished with permanent ban on every server.
    For Ali(O_Doyle), I haven't played with him on the past but I know that he used hacks, but players can use hacks on the beginning but also they can delete cheats and improve on the future (I hate cheating), I have played with Ali 2 months ago if I'm not wrong on poolday (15-4) If I remember but I don't think he was cheating(I am talking for that day).
    However cheaters must be punished as Blazin said, permanent ban for cheaters. No Mercy !!!

  • ali

    hey honey, that time in poolday map i was weak because i didn't play for long time, let's make a new match and see, i just know that i am gonna beat you, no way! by the way, community is bad ! i only used cheats long time ago (years ago - 2017 i think) i was new to multiplayer that time, and after that, i tried to learn how to play to be one of pro players, so i started watching videos on youtube (Rebelliion-lukas-honey-blazin...ect) and i now i've achieved that, i can say that i am one of pro players in crysis mp! So i really want to play Duel vs you Honey, waiting for your respond!! #ali

  • HoneY^

    Nowdays 0 interest, university exams + practice. But yeah for me it was never big deal even when u used nickname "UltraNomad", we played against cheaters that's nothing new. You have played against me and Blazin and u had the result.(cheater on this case you vs normal players). However for me isn't that big problem when I come but other priorities now. Take it easy boi because it's dead game. We've been playing this game for years you should be proud that u 've played against us players like us that we improved but not used cheats.There are players that should be banned like perf' peek , heandel and few other including you if u are using cheats. Permanent ban.
    Salute, S.A.

  • TunSalat

    I only accept someone "is a cheater" if the video CLEARLY shows it.
    Many times it's just people being butthurt over being killed ;)
    Some says "cheater!" constantly to everybody